brunch (v.)

You see those? Shelf, left side? Yep. Cinnamon buns. Size of your head. And amazing.

Know what’s even more amazing? Enjoying a bit of those, an egg/potato/bacon situation, and some coffee with one of your best girls all the way on the other side of the country. Didn’t matter that Santa Monica is a foggy mess this weekend and that it’s probably warmer in Ohio. “Brunch”/ “Brunching”/ “To Brunch”… it’s a verb. It means more than just the meal. And it is one of my favorite little pleasures in life.

(Yes, I also realize that is a rather large bottle of champagne. That’s for another day…)


I spy deliciousness, and copper pots.
[Literatti Cafe, West LA]

Best omelet ever.
[Literatti Cafe, West LA]

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